"What the hell is the world coming to? Just like Sheriff Buford T Justice I wonder what´s happening. The vinyl records that are supposed to be dead are rising from the ashes. Here´s another great band that chose to make a vinyl-only release ...of their new album. Now that we've been handed the format what about the sound that comes out? It is very very good thank you very much. Charley Horse are a garage punk supergroup with former members of The Cramps, Nashville Pussy and Throw Rag to name some deliver a really great mix of dirty rockabilly, country, blues and garage rock´n´roll. This album does not have a weak track and the more you listen to it the more you like it. It really grows on you. All songs are original except a super version of Tom Waits Goin´Out West. If you haven't already brought your turntable out of storage, do it now, and then get this excellent piece of vinyl."

Jan Falk - The New Edition