Interview of Chopper Franklin by Alisha Bjork in the Spring 2011 issue of PISTOL Magazine:

Charley Horse is ready to release the recordings entitled "Professional Sinners". It will be released Spring 2011 as a limited edition, screen printed, autographed and numbered LP on Ratchet Blade Records.

The album, consisting of 10 titles, is an edgy, soulful mix of roots-based rockn roll. Opener "Mexico" is a smooth, easy introduction with a slight twang. The next title, "The Real Thing", one of the fun, up tempo stars of the album, highlights a suave vocal interplay between Sean Wheeler and Corey Parks. Charley Horse covers Tom Waits' "Goin' Out West" , a great choice for this badass bunch of felons. Set to a dark, driving groove, it hits as hard as the original, sure to put hair on your chest."Scarecrow Blues" is a hot blues number that evokes enough passion and grit to set you on fire. Other songs on the album, like "First Degree" and "Outlaw" are sure to be Charley Horse anthems that will have listeners chanting along and spitting their beers while the band plays live.

Releasing an album after a long hiatus can sometimes be tricky business for a band, but one things for sure...we've missed you Charley Horse!

* When “Unholy Roller” was released back in 2005, was the band already put together, or did the band come together after the album release?  

Sean & I recorded what would become Unholy Roller back in 1993 w/ Mickey Petralia, and when it was released in 2005 we recruited Corey and Rick to be in the Bad Ass Dad video, and then we added Dino and started touring.

* I heard that “Unholy Roller” went double platinum abroad? What were you expecting for the first album?

   Not so sure about it going double platinum, but we knew it'd do pretty good, those Europeans love their roots-based punk rock n roll.

* I’m extremely excited for the release of “Professional Sinners”. Why did Charley Horse wait so long to release the new record?

   When the record was about done there were some scheduling complications with upcoming American and European tours so we decided it wasn't the right time to release it.

* Were these songs already recorded and waiting to be released?

   Yes, "Professional Sinners" was finished in 2006. It's becoming apparent we like to finish records and then wait several years to release them.
* I’ve been listening to song clips that are up on your website. It’s exactly the kind of dirty, fun, country, rock n’ roll that I was hoping for. Are there any stories behind the songs?
  Well, the great thing about these songs is that they were written when the band was playing and listening to alot of music together, so they're more indicative of the group itself. "Unholy Roller" was written and recorded by 3 delirious guys locked in a studio over a short period of time. As far as stories, the songs are tales of the good and bad exploits and experiences of life-long outcasts and renegades.

* I can’t wait to hear these songs played live. Are there dates planned for a tour?

  It looks like it, Sean's on tour in European right now with Zander Schloss and also looking into Charley Horse going back over there. And they'll always be Bend, Oregon. 

* Charley Horse is a supergroup of musicians, that play music simply because you enjoy it. What are you most proud of for Charley Horse?

  I suppose one would be that we're able to take some really disparate influences and ideas and combine them together for a  pretty killer stew. Another would be that no matter how many disagreements or how much distance there is between us, we're able to use our strong friendships and bonds to come back together.

* What happens after the release of this record? Can we expect to hear more from Charley Horse?

  Oh yeah, I mean, Sean's always touring and recording, I'm busy with my music and running Ratchet Blade, Corey's got a new clothing line and retail shop, Rick and Dino's busy too, but everybody knows it's hard to kick the Horse.